Prelude to Grand Theft (Flash Fiction Challenge)

This here’s my entry for Chuck Wendig’s “Acts of Rebellion” flash fiction challenge. It’s part of the Wrath universe, and may be part of a longer thing.

When Koshmar stepped into the cargo hold, the rest of the crew was sorting through the meager spoils of the last salvage run, while Rachel and the monkey ran around between them, fighting over a doll the the captain had brought back for her.
“This is crap,” Nergüi said, throwing a broken engine part on a growing pile of scrap metal.
“Can’t you fix any of it?” Jae-shin asked.
“Nah. And this is also crap.” Another part joined the refuse.
Then she held up a fuse and inspected it, lips pursed, before throwing it aside as well. “Crap! Everything from that boat is crap. No surprise it killed its crew.”
She crossed her arms in front of her chest and looked over the crates of parts they’d managed to retrieve an hour earlier.

“Entend yé all,” Koshmar said. “I’ve good news. Work, that is.”
Everybody turned toward him.
“Does it fait parti robbing a magnif’?” Tangi yawned. “Please say it does.”
“Nan,” Koshmar said. “It does involve stealing a cruiser, though.”
“Like a battleship?” Tangi looked suddenly very much awake.
“Yes. Joli new one, too. Currently in the docks above Gateway.”
Autumn looked up, frowning. “The new UC flagship?”
“That’s the one, captain.”
“Ah compran you have a plan quoi on fait with it?”
“Vengeance.” Koshmar said it like it was a delicious dish, his pointy teeth bared in a cruel smile.
“Di moi.”
“New crew need to know what happened on Ndoye’s Misery first.”
Tangi rolled his eyes. “Nang mai cut to the chase, Koshmar. We can appran to ’em later.”
Jae-shin leaned against the cargo door. “No, I wanna hear this.”

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