Malignant (Short Story)

This is a short sci-fi horror story. There’s some gruesome imagery here that may not be for the faint of heart. Read at your own discretion.

Incident Report

subject: Merchant Vessel MV Dawnstar
sent: June 30th, 2340 CE
from: Captain Fiona Smith, Patrol Ship UCPS Yucatan
to: Gordon Watts, United Colonies Aerospace Administration
cc: Gloria Ong, UC Department of Transportation; Samuel Wu, UC Aerospace Safety Board

June 29th, 2540 CE 00:24 ST — Intermittent distress signal from MV Dawnstar received by UCPS Yucatan and relayed to base.
June 29th, 2540 CE 04:17 ST — MV Dawnstar found adrift with no signs of life 0.3 ly off Luminous Station.
June 29th, 2540 CE 18:20 ST — Preliminary investigation reveals crew dead from unknown cause. Board computer inaccessible, no signs of physical damage to onboard systems, minor impact damage to the hull.

MV Dawnstar sealed and tug requested to quarantine dock on Luminous Station.
Handwritten note found with remains of the ship’s engineer, Cal Marek (see below).

Biohazard event suspected.

1 – Transcript of Handwritten Note
2 – Full Incident Report by Captain Smith

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